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#7: School Furniture: Primary Schools in the Thai Nguyen, Danang and Dong Ha provinces of Vietnam
The East Meets West Foundation partners with the people of Vietnam to improve their health, education, and economic conditions in an effort to eradicate poverty and to help them achieve self-sufficiency. Our programs offer a holistic approach to community development promoting economic development through microlending and piglet exchange programs, health through free pediatric dental services and family emergency funds for life-saving surgeries, and education through construction and renovation of schools and scholarships for gifted and talented youth. For additional information, you can reach East Meets West at

East Meets West requested support to help pay for school supplies to help Vietnamese children in primary schools. Over the course of the school year, Vietnamese teachers request learning tools and teaching aids to help deaf children with special needs. Vietnamese school libraries need books to promote literacy in developing rural communities. In some cases, small two-room schools need furniture and furnishings such as desks, chairs, chalkboards, and chalk.

#32: Quang Nam Province, Vietnam: Clean drinking water

Since 1988, East Meets West Foundation has helped provide basic survival needs to the Vietnamese people by aiming its ambitious projects at the poorest of Vietnam's poor, partnering with the people of Vietnam to create lasting and beneficial relationships between East and West. Vietnam's population is 80 million and growing. It is estimated that only 15 to 25 percent of Vietnam's rural population of 60 million has direct access to clean, safe, uncontaminated water. Far too many people in Quang Nam Province live with a severe shortage of clean drinking water. Villagers, mostly women and children, carry water long distances for their daily needs. As an alternative, many use river or canal water that is full of sediment, salt, chemical, and agriculture contaminants. The poor quality of water significantly contributes to Vietnam's high infant mortality rate. Providing these deserving people with a clean source of water can reverse this deplorable and unnecessary situation. East Meets West Foundation locates a safe water source from the ground. A submersible pump is dropped into a well and piping is installed to direct the water source into the water tower. Through a gravity feed, the water is filtered to provide additional protection from possible bacteria and organisms. For $2,000 you can help purchase a filter that will help clean water for hundreds of households in a Vietnamese commune, helping deliver safe water to thousands of residents. At an average cost of $10 per person, you can provide someone with a lifetime's supply of safe drinking water. For approximately $2.50 you can purchase 1 meter of piping that will help deliver this water to needy homes. For additional information, please visit our website at

#44: Hospital Trip, Vietnam: Many children (below the age of 16) in remote rural areas do not have access to adequate health care. When a child has a medical condition or illness, $50.00 - $100 will pay for transportation to a hospital in a major city, examination fees, laboratory fees, and medicine as well as temporary housing and meals.

#72: Clothing and School Supplies, Da Nang, Vietnam: $2.00 pays for socks and raincoats; $4.00 for a traditional dress for girls or a school uniform for boys; and $7.00 provides a notebook, pens and supplies for orphaned, disadvantaged, disabled or at-risk children ages 6 –17. There are 150 students at the Village of Hope; 45 students are deaf. Associated organization: East Meets West,

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