#361: South Africa, Pre-School Supplies: The Jabez Pre-School has recently opened after 8 years of fund-raising and planning. It is the first Pre-School in the Justica B area, in Mpunmalanga, South Africa. The village has a population of about 3000 people without a school or health facility. The average income per household is $30.00 per child. This is received as a monthly social grant from the government. The money is used for buying food for the family. The following items are needed for the children: Blankets, $7.00; Babies’ sweat-free mattresses, $23.00; Classroom floor carpet, $75.00; Indoor toys, $10.00; Outdoor toys, $15.00; Rubbish bins, $60.00. Hopefully in the future the school can accommodate primary school children.

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